Eilakaisla has social value

Our business operation has social value, because our work results contribute towards society every day. We reduce the risks related to employment by recruiting the right talents for companies, and we help the employed and unemployed find suitable and meaningful jobs.

Eilakaisla’s values are the foundation of our operations. Entrepreneurship, cost-effectiveness, customer orientation, quality and continuous development are the foundation of responsible operations. Everyone can see our values in our customer service – both our corporate customers and those looking for a job through us, as well as our own employees asking for our help internally.

Eilakaisla is a responsible employer

Eilakaisla is involved in the responsible employer campaign of Oikotie Työpaikat. As a responsible employer, we are committed to creating a better world of work by developing the following principles:

  • At Eilakaisla, non-discrimination means that we treat everyone fairly and build an equal work culture together, where work speaks for itself. We are involved in EK’s (Confederation of Finnish Industries) “work without discrimination” campaign to ensure that our employees feel that they are treated fairly.

  • At Eilakaisla, work balance and well-being refer to coordinating the private life and work of employees in the best possible way. This is realised by having flexible working hours, modern work equipment and the possibility of working remotely and taking study and/or job alternation leave. We are committed to promoting the well-being of our employees, as well as occupational health and coping.                

  • At Eilakaisla, investing in supervisor work refers to a coaching, participatory and engaging approach; we manage supervisor work in a goal-oriented manner by talking of the goal without determining the journey. We accept failures because they are the best way to learn. To ensure the quality of supervisor work, we support the supervisors with consistent training and also invest in their development through appropriate goal and development dialogue.                        

  • At Eilakaisla, the significance of work and improving in it means that we identify the factors that motivate people and strive to lead through them. We use goal and development dialogue to strengthen skills and develop job descriptions and career paths. We want everyone to feel good about coming to work.              

  • At Eilakaisla, pay in accordance with the work requirements means that we operate in accordance with legislation, collective agreement and other regulations. With a fair reward and a bonus system, we promote our employees’ work motivation.

  • At Eilakaisla, a good applicant experience means serving the applicant in the best possible way – every applicant is important. We prepare the job advertisement in a clear and informative way, so that the applicant can assess both the company and their own successes at work. We contact the applicant proactively to keep them informed about the process until the end, including the rationale for the final selection. And if they are not chosen on their first time applying, we will contact them when a more suitable place is available.

Carrying the Key Flag proudly since 2005

Eilakaisla has been a member of the Association for Finnish Work and has been carrying the Key Flag proudly since 2005 as a Finnish family company, promoting the appreciation of Finnish work.

The Key Flag symbol is a registered collective mark that indicates that the service has been produced in Finland and provides employment in Finland.

The right to use the Key Flag symbol can be granted to a service or group of services of a member community of the Association for Finnish Work that are produced in Finland. The company must have a significant Finnish holding, and the upper management and main office must be located in Finland.

Many positive qualities are connected to the Key Flag, such as the Finnish identity, high quality, employment and responsibility. The Key Flag helps you choose a Finnish option.

We know the ins and outs of legislation and collective agreements, and we participate and influence

Eilakaisla is also a member of the federation of service providers (Palvelualojen Toimialaliitto) under the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

In relation to the employee, we comply with the applicable collective agreement and the principles established by the International Confederation of Private Employment Services (CIETT) in addition to labour legislation and the authorities’ regulations. We are also members of Perheyritysten liitto (federation of family businesses) and the operation of the Chamber of Commerce around Finland.

By developing and improving our operations, we will secure our position as the most well-known, respected and best-performing company and a pioneer in the HR industry.