1. Employment contract


The employment contract is always made in writing at Eilakaisla. Check that the employment contract contains

• your personal data
• company details
• main tasks
• place of work
• the start date and possible end of work; and
• pay information

correctly and in accordance with what has been agreed.

Eilakaisla’s written employment contract determines the main terms and conditions of employment.

2. Form of the employment relationship and applicable collective agreement


The Eilakaisla employment contract indicates the form of employment clearly: fixed term or valid until further notice. The form of the employment relationship is already stated in the job advertisement.

The collective agreement determines the minimum conditions to be observed in the employment relationship, such as sick pay practices. Information on the applicable collective agreement should also be included in the employment contract, so check it out. If there is no applicable collective agreement, the employment contract is concluded in accordance with labour legislation.

3. Probation period and period of notice


Depending on the task, there might be a probation period. During the probationary period, either party can terminate the employment contract. However, the employment contract cannot be terminated on discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate grounds in relation to the purpose of the probation period. As a general rule, the probation period can last no more than six months. If a fixed-term employment relationship lasts less than 12 months, you can only agree on a probationary period that is no longer than half of the duration of the employment relationship.

The period of notice is written in the employment contract. It can also be written in a fixed-term contract, in which case it is a hybrid fixed-term contract.

4. Working time, pay, fringe benefits and pay period


Our employment contract contains the agreed working hours. Check that the pay information is written correctly in the contract. When and for what period is the salary paid? The employment contract can have additional conditions concerning fringe benefits, for example.

5. Annual leave


Annual leave is determined in accordance with the Annual Holidays Act or the applicable collective agreement.