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Talent assessments support your company in changes and help find the right people for the right tasks. When recruiting a new employee, a concise and standardised assessment process improves the quality of your recruitment and the experience of the applicants. Talent assessments are also available for supervisor work for when learning about and developing the potential of the personnel. With the help of talent assessments, you can find out what kind of tasks a person is suitable for, what kind of abilities they have, how their actions can be developed and what their preferences and values are.

You will have access to a wide range of suitability tests, such as work personality, motivation, customer service style and work style surveys, as well as personal assessments of verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning.

An in-depth feedback discussion is held with the assessed person as part of the suitability assessment. Both the assessed person and the client receive written reports of the suitability assessment in a format easy to read and interpret. Talent assessment reports are always selected according to position. The assessments are also used in outplacement training.

We resell both SHL and Aon Assessment online assessments.

You can use the talent assessment


  • As part of recruitment: new position, replacement recruitment or temporary work, equal candidates, long-term staff leasing, team changes, expert and managerial tasks and finding special expertise.
  • To support managerial work: orientation, training and development, development discussions, organisational changes, performance reviews, ability surveys, outplacement, motivation and engagement, and feedback discussions.
  • To develop expertise: clarify your own strengths and development targets, support for individual development, additional training needs, motivation and personality factors, discovering potential, and career planning.

Benefits of talent assessment


  • You save time and money: talent assessments are done online, cost-effectively and on a fast schedule, reducing the amount of time spent on recruitment. 

  • Reliability and measurability: the assessments are comparable, and they bring objectivity and increase the standard of candidates.

  • Versatility: we have a wide range of user-friendly assessments for every industry, task level and different requirements.

  • Tool for supervisor: talent assessments ensure a consistent candidate experience. The assessments also provide support for competence development and career paths.

  • The right people for the right tasks: the tests reduce the likelihood of recruitment mistakes – this is in the interests of both the employee and the employer.

SHL’s global and competence-based assessments as a method for talent assessments


SHL has developed effective methods and talent tests for assessing different types of workplace behavioural styles. We use SHL's (SHL Talent Measurement Solutions) global and modern competence-based talent assessment tools. We also act as a reseller of Aon Assessment online assessments.

Through us, you can receive the following suitability tests, talent assessments and surveys:

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) provides a reliable assessment of a person’s work personality and ways working. In addition to professional skills, it evaluates the personality and work style in a variety of ways, such as for team work and when problems arise. Use the world’s most popular workplace personality survey to confirm whether the person in question is by nature the most appropriate choice for your work community.

  • Motivational Questionnaire (MQ) clearly highlights the factors that influence a person’s performance, such as what inspires the person to move forward in their work and what can hinder the quality of their work. The questionnaire discovers what the applicants and actors are like when facing changes, in career planning and also in outplacement.

  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire (CCSQ) provides a complementary assessment of a person’s strengths and areas of development in a customer service role and when the work involves demanding customer service. The survey provides you with additional support whenever having a service attitude is a prerequisite for success at work.

  • Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ) is designed for production and industrial staff. It measures the applicant’s social behaviour, impact on the work community, willingness to work in a team, practicality and adaptability. The work styles questionnaire is a valuable help when a team changes or gains new members.

  • Dependability and Safety Instrument (DSI) works well as a prequalification and quality assurance tool when the work requires careful teamwork, special care also in routine tasks, as well as adherence to instructions and safety measures.

Ability tests complement the assessments, and they examine a person’s innovativeness, accuracy, and numerical, verbal, and problem-solving abilities.

  • The inductive reasoning test measures creativity, strategic thinking and the ability to make realisations. Inductive decision-making ability is an advantage in creating novel concepts and approaches and in dealing with unclear and new problems.

  • The verbal reasoning test measures the ability to understand written information relevant to your work and to evaluate written statements, for example. A verbal-logical ability is of use in analysing and interpreting written/verbal information and in producing presentations and documents.

  • The numerical reasoning test measures the ability to interpret patterns and numbers. A numerical-logical ability is of use in interpreting budgets, costs, trends and statistical analyses.

Our SHL certified consultants are happy to tell you more and help you choose the right talent assessment methods and reports. Read more about the various assessments and tests from SHL’s website.

Jobseekers can find more information on how to prepare for the test on the SHL ability tests support page.


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