The overall solution for responsible efficiency promotes the controlled implementation of the co-determination process

The dismissal of an employee, i.e., the termination of an employment relationship, is always a sensitive situation for the company, the dismissed and the remaining employees. However, you can manage the change in a controlled manner. The overall solution for responsible efficiency provides the company with modules that carry the co-determination process in a controlled manner from start to finish.

A company undergoing demanding changes receives a carefully implemented and clear process in which the legal aspect has been taken care of. The controlled implementation of the process also improves the company’s reputation as a responsible operator and promotes employees’ loyalty by helping you keep the best employees in the company. In the future, you can go through the process partly by yourself, when the process and documents have been planned beforehand.

New start with change security training

Training related to outplacement, also known as change security training with the dismissed, is customised training for the management or employees that can be implemented either for groups or individually, or as a combination of both, and tailored to meet the company’s and the employees’ requirements. The outplacement training is led by Eilakaisla’s recruitment consultants who provide their comprehensive networks to help their trainees find new work.

Change security management and training handles stressful situations and their management, as well as the new possibilities that change can bring. We will approach the themes in a practical manner, looking to find ways to ease the pressure the situation has created. Outplacement training uses talent assessment to assess the participant’s personality traits, working habits and skills in cooperation and problem solving. Outplacement training helps the participant face their situation, identify their own strengths and opportunities in the change and to approach the matter with a positive attitude.

Their job-hunting skills are also updated on a practical level. In addition to going through the channels where you can look for work and matters related to making an application and CV, the outplacement training will prepare you for various types of job interviews (individual and group interviews).

Benefits of outplacement training


  • provides employees with the keys to finding a new job and how to manage change in the event of dismissal: the employee receives personal support and guidance in change management and job-hunting from devising a résumé to being interviewed

  • helps the employee identify their own strengths: the trainee has access to our extensive talent assessments and, depending on whether the trainee is interested, they are offered an opportunity to identify and measure their own abilities and assess their work personality

  • helps maintain a positive employer brand in times of demanding changes: employee motivation and a positive approach to change

  • can be carried out either for groups or individuals, and for management and employees alike

Individual career coaching provides support for the various stages of job-hunting:

The trainee receives personal support throughout the training.

Change management and creating an overview of the current situation

We will discuss the objectives of career coaching and create an action plan and a timetable. We will discuss encountering and accepting changes and managing the related stress, turning the change into a positive resource.

Career planning and crystallisation of individual skills and strengths

You will learn to identify and speak of your skills and understand your own strengths, as well as how to present them positively and create an effective marketing message. Talent assessment is carried out, based on which your personality traits, working methods, cooperation skills and problem handling skills are reviewed.

Basic job-hunting skills and getting started

Support for the creation of individual job search documents (job application, résumé) and electronic job search. We will evaluate workplace options, set goals and start the job searching process.

Modern job search channels

Learning about electronic job search channels, hidden jobs and social media, such as LinkedIn. We will go through how a profile is created and how to network and collect references.

Job interviews

We will go through how to prepare for an interview, the different forms of job interviews (phone, live and recorded video and f2f) and how to positively present your own skills and strengths (elevator speech). We will consider matters relevant to the task and how to bring them up in the interview. We will also go through the most common questions and what you could ask.

Outplacement summary, concrete career planning and feedback:

We will specify your personal goals and make a concrete action plan for systematic job-hunting and plans for your career. We will give you some tips on how to negotiate an employment contract. We will list the trainees’ strengths, potentials, possible career options and networks.

Ask more about outplacement

The coaching was very useful and I received a lot of new information about the job search channels. My résumé was also changed quite a bit.

Production supervisor who participated in the coaching

Thank you for the talented and natural encounter. The humane, realistic, trusting and knowledgeable grip on my situation felt good and gave me the information and skills I need for the current determination and search for a new job. The content of the training was broad and well chosen. I also appreciated that, in addition to the good content, you organised the training yourself as people who actually work in recruitment.