Outsource your reception and office services to a customer service specialist

Often, the first contact a person has with a company is the skilled and friendly receptionist, reception services and switchboard services, which are outside the core business activities and often comparable to the company’s business card. We at Eilakaisla already have over 20 years of experience in various customised reception, office and assistant services. By assigning us a lobby or switchboard, you get a high-quality outsourced reception service and skilled and trained reception staff to welcome your customers for the first time. So invest in having a functional, friendly and skilled receptionist, and develop your operations by outsourcing services.

Are you considering hiring a new person?

If you have plans to hire a new receptionist or office staff member, invite us over first. We can provide a cost-effective office service solutions, where you can get temporary workers in addition to a permanent employee. Let’s think together about a customised service solution for your company’s culture and needs.

Benefits of outsourcing reception and office services

  • Peace of mind: get uninterrupted, high-quality customer service

  • Effortlessness: we guarantee functional services so you can focus on the essentials

  • Cost-effectiveness: outsourced office services tend to be cheaper over time

Smooth and responsible office services

A well-functioning and efficient office service is guaranteed by carefully selected and trained staff and a well thought-out service package. We will customise the office services with you to answer to your company’s needs, and agree on the management of work, working time and arrangements for temporary workers; customised services can be built for any industry.

We take overall responsibility for the function of the agreed services and guarantee an uninterrupted, high-quality and flexible operation even during sick leaves and holidays. In addition to the reception service, we can handle part of your company’s pay management, postal services, HR management, sales tasks or even your helpdesk services.

Examples of our office services:

  • reception of guests and switchboard management
  • postal services
  • calendar and travel bookings
  • coffee and snacks for meetings
  • pre-processing and scanning invoices
  • ordering and managing keys, ID cards, mobile phones and subscriptions
  • office supplies and ordering prints
  • event arrangements
  • coordination of lunch and exercise vouchers
  • updating social channels
  • managing a chat service
  • maintaining and updating the customer register
  • assistive tasks in sales and marketing and other campaign activities

Our office services can include a wide range of tasks belonging to each solution, which vary according to the company and its area of activity.

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