Personnel as a Service (PaaS)

Nowadays, you can buy staff as a service. Outsourcing HR and recruitment services ensures that the processes are professional, and it frees up the organisation’s resources for core functions. Personnel as a Service is a cost-effective and reliable way for business management to focus on their core business.


Staff leasing helps you find temporary workforce safely and without worry

Staff leasing is a safe, cost-effective and easy way for a company to recruit its temporary workforce when the need for personnel is changing and needs to be organised flexibly. Staff leasing gives the company the desired flexibility, and it is an effortless way to organise fixed-term and temporary staff.

In staff leasing, the employee has an employment relationship with Eilakaisla

When your company has a need for new talents, staff leasing services can help you quickly. These include situations where a project, campaign or overtime is causing additional work, and you need more workforce to help you through the busiest season, or a temporary worker during the holidays.

In staff leasing, Eilakaisla concludes an employment contract with the temporary worker, bearing all the employer’s obligations and costs, such as administrative employment matters, salary payment, add-on costs of salaries, occupational healthcare and quality monitoring. You can focus on your core business and hire an employee quickly through our staff leasing – and if you want, you can later recruit them for your company. The statutory aspects of the employment relationship are handled by a professional, so the operations are certainly responsible and ethical. Eilakaisla promotes the positive employer image of your company when you use the staff leasing service, in addition to practical support related to the employee’s employment.

Consider staff leasing when your company:

  • needs new skills and expertise
  • runs a campaign or a project
  • needs substituting during leaves
  • faces overtime and peak periods
  • faces a busy season or other development/growth stage
  • needs additional staff temporarily

Benefits of staff leasing

  • Saves effort: no extensive, multi-step application procedures or employer obligations – as a customer, you will only get an invoice
  • We act quickly: we organise the application process for you efficiently and professionally, ensuring a good candidate experience – we might already have a qualified worker in our pool
  • Rest assured: the person’s skills and motivation have been confirmed
  • More flexibility: resources are flexible and suit your needs – if you wish, you can recruit the person for your company
  • Saves money: a cost-effective model that improves predictability for the company, where the company only pays for the realised working hours – the application and selection process is free of charge
  • Get support: we also provide support for employment issues, such as development discussions
  • Later, you can recruit the applicant to your company.

Stages of the staff leasing service:

We will determine the profile of the employee to be hired and the job description with you

In staff leasing, the application process is as thorough as you want it to be or as the nature of the assignment requires – the process can take from hours to weeks. The entire advertisement and application process is included in the leasing assignment, free of charge, talent sourcing can help when finding the right talent requires it.

In our staff leasing service, we will find the right people for the task using the most suitable channels for the assignment. The application process can be implemented as anonymous recruitment with anonymous advertisements and/or screening applicants from our Talent Community. In addition to our own CV database, we use the most popular electronic recruitment channels and search portals, such as Oikotie, Monster and Duunitori. We also use social media to ensure the widest possible visibility, without forgetting our own recruitment consultants’ social media networks.

You pick the best candidate – we make it easy!

Our HR consultant will ensure that the application process proceeds according to the agreed schedule. We will review candidates with pre-interviews, competence screening and background checks. We will present the best candidates for staff leasing – you can also choose a video interview as a pre-qualification tool.

To find the right person, we recommend that the company also interviews the finalists either independently or together with us. In staff leasing, you make the final selection after the last interviews.

We ensure the quality, effortlessness and the implementation of collective agreements in staff leasing

In the staff leasing process, we are responsible for HR management, such as salary payments and occupational healthcare, as well as quality monitoring and warranty policies. Our consultant is responsible for HR issues related to the lifecycle management of the employment relationship together with our personnel and payroll administration throughout the entire lease contract.

In the case of staff leasing, we observe the applicable collective agreement of HPL or our customer company, ensuring that the provisions are duly complied with. We currently comply with dozens of collective agreements.

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