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Staffing services for businesses

Recruitment services, HR services and staffing services under one roof for your company. Check out our wide range of services and find the right services for you and your business.
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In recruitment, the employee is employed directly by the company that issued the assignment. We can help with recruitment or handle the entire process, saving you time, money and effort. Our recruitment services include advertised search, anonymous recruitment, talent sourcing and headhunting.
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Staff leasing

With the help of staff leasing, you can hire an expert for your project, a professional for production, or a supervisor to your service. You can focus on your core business yourself and can easily hire a temporary worker quickly through our staff leasing.
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Reception and office services

In reception services and office services, we take responsibility for the functionality of the agreed service package – from the beginning to the end. Your company can get a skilled and trained receptionist or switchboard employee – always, even in cases of sudden illness.
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Outplacement and change management

The reassignment service gives employees the keys to find new work and change management. Career coaching can be carried out either for groups or individuals, and for management and employees alike.
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When you are in turmoil, let Eilakaisla’s consulting services help. A professional can quickly take control of the situation as they see the situation from a third party’s perspective.
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Talent assessments

With talent assessments, you can confirm your choices. Knowing the personal traits of those you have employed gives you peace of mind. It also helps you build an effective team!
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Job opportunities for Ukrainians in Finland

Do you have the opportunity to offer work to Ukrainian job seekers who have fled the war?

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Are you Ukrainian and hoping to find work in Finland? Are you wondering how jobs are seeked and found here in Finland?

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