Eilakaisla helped Vattenfall find a determined and first-class sales team


The electricity sales company Vattenfall outsourced the recruitment of its new internal sales team to Eilakaisa. According to Sari Grönlund, Chapter Lead, Vattenfall has found excellent employees for telemarketing through Eilakaisla, who are practically full-blooded “Vattenfallers”. Team leader Mikko Heikkilä is an example.

Sari Grönlund, Chapter Lead responsible for channel optimisation of telemarketing and the supervisor of business developers at Vattenfall, has been absolutely satisfied with the cooperation with Eilakaisla.

“The recruitment process is long and requires a professional. Although we also have competence in this, our focus is on selling energy. It was better for us to have Eilakaisla as our partner, whose core business is recruitment,” explains Grönlund.

For years, Vattenfall had outsourced its telecommunications sales. According to Grönlund, recruitment in the field of telecommunications is challenging, which is why Vattenfall decided to reverse the situation and establish its own internal telecommunications team. They decided to outsource the team’s recruitment, and considered a couple of options. However, several Vattenfall employees had positive experiences with Eilakaisla, and after discussions, the smooth and seamless cooperation began.

“We have a clear division of labour. They do the hunting, the recruitment and the initial interviews. They already have a good idea of what kind of people we need. In the next round, we interview the candidates together and make the final decisions,” says Grönlund.

“Everything starts with people having a good time”


One of the experts Eilakaisla has found is Mikko Heikkilä, the sales team leader who started working at Vattenfall in April 2018.

“I had the best vibes after being hired here. I felt truly welcomed. I’ve never felt like the employees hired through Eilakaisla were somehow outsiders. We are all equal and work in the same premises,” describes Heikkilä.

The best parts about Heikkilä’s work as the leader of the sales team are his colleagues and his own team.

“We have a good team spirit. It’s all about making people feel good. When you enjoy coming to work, the work usually runs smoother too,” believes Heikkilä.

“They have the professionalism to find first-class people”


The collaboration with Eilakaisla enabled the successful creation of a new team whose members, according to Grönlund, have a determined grasp on work.

“Eilakaisla has superb professionalism in finding first-class people. We gained first-class sellers who can have a wide-ranging discussion about energy and are able to advise customers. Even though their wages are paid by Eilakaisla, they are still full-blooded Vattenfallers,” emphasises Grönlund.

According to Grönlund, Vattenfall hoped that the outsourced recruitment would make their life easier above all.

“We needed a partner who handles things independently, and who is there for the salespeople. They should also be able to find new employees for us, even on a short notice. When you notice that your core work suffers from recruitment, you should outsource it to professionals. You can’t do everything yourself,” Grönlund reminds us.

“Cooperation with Eilakaisla is seamless and easy – they keep their promises and deliver what has been agreed. I am completely satisfied and would recommend them to others,” Grönlund sums up.

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