Our HR consultation expands your perspective and considers solutions together with you

Consultation supports your company under special circumstances, such as the launch of new activities, outsourcing, the company’s workforce restructuring or reorganisation. Staffing challenges related to the expansion of operations are typical situations where you need HR consultation – what kind of people does your organisation need now and in the future, and how should you recruit them?

As a competent consulting company, our HR consultation also helps with HR management in annual planning, and thinks of measures and ways to improve efficiency and development from the personnel’s perspective, together with you.

Our HR consultation tools include the co-development of recruitment processes, competency mapping, talent assessments and outplacement training. We also help you develop your HR processes and tools. Our HR experts and consultants can also help you analyse employee benefits.

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Legal partner in matters related to employment, providing professionalism and the best price in the industry

We offer legal HR consultation related to employment matters in the following areas:

Consultation in legal matters related to employment

Legal consultation regarding employment relationship is a flexible service that is tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs. The service is an hourly consultation and/or projects.

Examples of consultation measures:

  • Preparation of employment contract documents, executive contracts, updating employment contracts, problems in employment relationships and/or their terms, and legal reports related to employment
  • Organisational changes, co-determination negotiations, local agreements
  • Cooperation negotiations
    • the need to adapt or restructure
    • corporate cooperation procedure plan
    • negotiations and documentation
  • Management and staff sparring, workshops

HR & examination of legal considerations

HR and examination of legal considerations is a project that develops the personnel and organisation: we analyse them as a whole and help the company improve their operations, especially in HR matters. The examination can also analyse the need for HR work and what different assignments contain.

The service reviews the current status of the following functions, for example:

  • HR management (HR work, HR policies, objectives, organisation, processes and statutory obligations)
  • Management, supervisor work, competence and recruitment
  • Existing documents related to employment relationships

We provide legal consultation with the professional help of our partner HR Legal Services Oy, and our customers have the opportunity to buy services from us for the best price in the industry. If necessary, we can also carry out collaborative projects that combine Eilakaisla’s wide range of services with the deeper legal expertise of HR Legal Services.

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