Eilakaisla and Pelaser worked together to help Ukrainians settle in Finland


Due to the Ukrainian crisis, a huge number of Ukrainians have arrived in Finland, trying to adapt to a new life in a foreign country. When the war started, in April Dmytro Chyrkov, Max Baranov, Iryna Sushko, Yulia Arabadzhi and Viktor Arabadzh fled to Finland. A permanent place of residence and a new job have been found in Southern Savonia. In cooperation with the local reception center, KasvuEsedu and Pelaser, Eilakaisla helped Ukrainians to a new phase of life in Finland.

“We were in our native village when the war started. From the first day, we were under an occupation regime. We had been living there for 2 months and then decided to move out. After the occupation of the city of Mariupol, we left for the territory of Russia, then crossed the border of Finland”, tell Dmytro, Max, Iryna, Yulia and Viktor.

Employment as a starting point for integration


Ukrainian friends settled in Mikkeli and immediately started looking for work on their own initiative, for example with the help of the local KasvuEsedu. Looking for a job as a refugee in a foreign country is challenging, but luckily help was nearby. KasvuEsedu approached the local sheet metal subcontractor Pelaser with a proposal for cooperation, who seized the opportunity and asked his long-term partner Eilakaisla to help manage labor relations. KasvuEsedu worked closely with the Ukrainians and the cooperation between them, Pelaser and Eilakaisla enabled the friends to be employed. During the recruitment process, Eilakaisla's professionals were involved in helping applicants, among other things, to get Finnish tax cards.

“We tried different ways to find a job - writing emails to employers, phone calls, applying for a job via TE office. Suddenly we received a call about a job opportunity and help with the necessary permits and documents to work at Pelaser. Then we met Jukka Larkala, the director of Pelaser. He made a tour around the factory and told a little bit about the company and the working conditions. Everything seemed cool, so we decided to take this opportunity and start working”, friends describe in common.

The new employees received a warm welcome at the company and after a short orientation they were ready to work. The Ukrainians work in different stages of production, but all of them have an equally positive experience of working in Finland.

“I work on a bending machine making different bends on metal pieces to meet our clients' needs. The most pleasant thing in my work is that you can see the results of your work immediately. I really enjoy all the people on the plant as Finns are kind, open-minded and cheerful. Everybody is ready to help any time you need and therefore, there is an amazing atmosphere that helps you to feel yourself a part of the team. Eilakaisla has also been a huge support for us during our employment process. They have answered all our questions in a polite and fast way”, Dmytro adds.

Pelaser and Eilakaisla encourage companies helping Ukrainians in the middle of the crisis


Pelaser has cooperated with Eilakaisla for a long time to find a suitable workforce. Eilakaisla offers Pelaser staff leasing, e.g. taking care of their employees’ salary payments and other issues related to personnel management. According to Pelaser’s Marketing and Quality Manager Ville-Pekka Mäkeläinen, the company sees mutual benefits in helping Ukrainians. The new employees have found their place quickly and they have become irreplaceable part of the work community.

“It’s difficult to find a workforce these days so Eilakaisla is a very crucial partner for our business both now and in the future. We definitely have gotten a good quality workforce from Ukraine as they are open minded and eager to work. Eilakaisla has been a very flexible partner in our recruitments, and we are of course delighted to be able to help Ukrainians in this sad situation”, Ville-Pekka describes.

Later on, Pelaser has also received more Ukrainian employees through Eilakaisla. Thanks to KasvuEsedu's good advice, the recruitments have now been managed independently by Eilakaisla.

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