Green Coding and why shoud I care about it as an employer?

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Have you heard about Green Coding? It's about optimizing consumption and
removing waste and also managing climate change and sustainable development. Green Coding is about how these issues are considered in the technical environment: in development, software, and coding. But how is it done, how to take emissions into account in tech? And can we take this into account if we’re a recruiter or working in HR? The answer is yes. Let’s explore further in this blog and in a webinar hosted by Janne Kalliola, a Green Coding expert.


Why should I care about Green Coding? 🌱

Do you know how much greenhouse gas emissions the ICT sector produces? Or how much it consumes energy each year? 2.1–3.9. % of green house emissions and 4–10 % of the world’s energy consumption are accountable by the ICT sector. And the numbers are growing all the time.

Most of the emissions are done in software such as data transfers and equipment, so we should focus on that part. How can we measure and reduce consumption there? Learn more from Janne Kalliola in the webinar:

Generoi tulosta ja  rakenna työnantajabrändiä  digitaalisin keinoin  Ilmoittaudu webinaariin!


Practical solutions for all and the Golden Rule 🎫

“They who have the gold, make the rules.” is the Golden Rule. 

You as an employer decide where you invest the money so you possess the gold. Sustainability is the currency of the future, and those who wield it wisely can help save our planet. Waste load and sustainable development are a human issue, so naturally people matter. 

Here are some examples of choices you can make to ease the path and consider the Golden Rule in your business. 

Pay attention to recruiting people or procuring developers: look for talents with competence and the right attitude.
  • Bring up green coding with job applicants in the recruitment process: it's important that the topic is discussed and raised! Applicants don't necessarily think that the employer is interested in the subject or that their knowledge and interest in the subject is a good thing for the job search, even if it is.
  • Check their attitude related to sustainability: how willing they are to develop more responsible ways of working?
  • Discuss their opinions about fixing and sustaining legacy systems.
  • Beware of people that want to do everything always with the latest technologies – the latest technology is not necessarily the greenest.
  • Value expertise of several languages and environments – they give perspective.
Consider which systems you procure and which vendors you select. 
  • Require green code, preferably give points for proper approaches.
  • Do not accept generic sustainability papers.
  • Check that the words and actions actually match. Require evidence.
  • References are currently double edged sword, as there are not that many client requiring green code – but this will change.

It’s also important to fix your own stuff: equipment, measurement, and software. But remember, that you can´t change and even save the world all by once. It’s a journey that goes to its happy end step by step. One of those steps is following the golden rule! 🥇

Learn more about the topic and practical solutions in the webinar. 

Generoi tulosta ja  rakenna työnantajabrändiä  digitaalisin keinoin  Ilmoittaudu webinaariin!

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